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Conference poster

Title 2012 Harrogate poster (JH) Download File
Author Jenny Hindley
Publication Poster presentation Harrogate 2012
Date 1 November 2012
Key Points A Dopplar traffic light system helps clinicians assess patients' risk of arterial disease post venous leg ulcer.
Title Sharing Leg Ulcer Care at Galanos House Download File
Author Lindsay J Hunter
Publication Harrogate Wounds UK 2011
Date 1 November 2011
Key Points Enthusiastic care home staff have worked successfully with Tissue Viability and Industry to provide holistic care for their residents.
Title A well leg model "Prevention is better than cure" Download File
Author Lisa Rice and Jane McFarlane LU Specialists
Publication Wounds UK Conference, Harrogate, November 2008
Date 1 November 2008
Key Points An audit of leg ulcer management indicating high recurrence rates. Activa BS hosiery is suitable for patients without oedema, and Actilymph for those with oedema. The ranges resulted in recurrence dropping from 65.9% to 4.5%.


Title Best Practice Statement Compression hosiery Download File
Author Jackie Stephen-Haynes et al
Publication Wounds UK
Date 1 March 2015
Key Points To guide practice and encourage a consistent and cohesive approach to care, this best practice statement covers the following areas of concern to HCPs who work with patients who use compression hosiery
Title How can I improve leg ulcer care when faced with increasing service demands? Download File
Author Joy Tickle, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist
Publication Journal of Community Nursing
Date 1 February 2015
Key Points The question discussed by by Joy is:How can I improve leg ulcer care when faced with increasing service demands?
Title How to select the best compression hosiery for your patient Download File
Author JCN Learning Zone
Publication Journal of Community Nursing
Date 1 October 2014
Key Points This article looks at how compression hosiery can manage and prevent venous leg problems, the difference between British and European standard hosiery and concordance.
Title Development and evaluation of a hosiery selection algorithm in an acute and community healthcare NHS Trust Download File
Author Jackie Stephen-Haynes, Rachael Sykes
Publication Wounds UK 2013
Date 1 November 2013
Key Points Selecting compression hosiery can be confusing, especially now with European classifications. This algorithm has been successfully used to help clinicians choose the most appropriate hosiery.
Title Effective compression therapy: how to guide Download File
Author Wound Essentials
Publication Wound Essentials
Date 1 November 2012
Key Points Advice on the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Title Redesigning the process of providing compression hosiery to patients attending hospital clinics Download File
Author M. Andrews, Orthotics Project Manager
Publication JWC. Vol 14, No.7, July 2005: 307-309
Date 1 July 2005
Key Points Article highlighted problems with old system. Backing consultants. Activa shortlisted by working group.Activa's training support.
Title Selecting & fitting Activa hosiery Download File
Author Sylvie Hampton TVS
Publication Nursing and Residential Care. August 2002 Vol:4 No:8 396-398
Date 1 August 2002
Key Points Confusion exists between European and British Standard hosiery. General lack of training for nurses.
Title Short stretch bandaging: a case history Download File
Author Deborah Ruff
Publication Nursing in Practice March 2002:87
Date 1 March 2002
Key Points Use of correct assessment. Failure to heal. Arterial problems.
Title Preventing unnecessary suffering - an audit of a leg ulcer clinic Download File
Author Jenny Bentley Lecturer, Kings College, London
Publication Journal of Community Nursing 2001 Vol:6, No:3 136-142
Date 1 June 2001
Key Points Compression hosiery is required to prevent leg ulcer recurrence.Patients liked the Activa BS range.



Harrogate Poster

Anita Heron,Georgina Maginn

Key points
Bob was very distressed by ineffective treatment for his actinic keratosis, which was sore and looked and smelt unpleasant. Debrisoft removed 90% of the scales on first use. Bob can self manage and NHS costs greatly reduced.


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