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Title Actico - Actively targeting Lymphoedema: Case Studies Download File
Author A Williams, M Boyle
Publication Internal by Activa Healthcare, October 2005
Key Points 5 Case Studies ranging from 15 yr old with lymphagiectasia to 64 yr old with chronic oedema.
Title Leg Ulcer Pain Relief Prior to Punch Biopsy Treatment Download File
Author Deborah Hofman
Publication Meeting the challenges of Wound Pain Activa publication Oct 05; pages 29-30
Key Points Painful sloughy ulcer, healing achieved with Actiformcool under Actico inelastic bandages
Title Removal of Slough, Exudate Control and Stimulation of a Healthy Wound Bed with ActiFormCool - A Case Study Download File
Author Margaret Armitage Vascular Nurse Specialist
Publication Internal Publication by Activa Healthcare Ltd to accompany Road shows - Oct '05
Key Points Patient with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Angioplasty performed to increase blood flow. 6 weeks post surgery wound had increased in size. Wound began healing once Actiformcool used.
Title Local infected wounds - from evidence to algorithm for the therapy - with regard to polyhexanide and silver Download File
Author Strohal R
Publication L & R literature
Key Points 19 patients with ulcers/multipathogenic wounds Staphylococcus streptococcus comparison with Povidone. Iodine: topical antibiotics: honey: silver. All antimicrobials -14 -21 day use; changed 1 -3 days

Fireworks with after effects - successful use of a polyester monofilament fibre product for the removal of embedded explosive residue

Fireworks with after effects - successful use of a polyester monofilament fibre product for the removal of embedded explosive residue

Poster Harrogate 2012

Stoffels et al.

Key points
A firework exploded in a 17 year old boys face, embedding a "dirt tattoo" in his face. Debrisoft removed most of the particles quickly with great cosmetic results.


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