Debrisoft LollyFor effective wound bed and skin preparation, nothing elseworks like Debrisoft® which is now available in a new format - the Debrisoft Lolly.

Everything you love about Debrisoft® – in a Lolly! Available now in NHS Supply Chain and on FP10/GP10 from 1st August.

Debrisoft Pad and Debrisoft Lolly remove wound debris, necrotic material, slough and exudate and even long standing hyperkeratotic tissue from surrounding skin.

The Debrisoft range can be used on the actual wound. Debrisoft will not damage fresh granulation tissue and epithelial cells.

Debrisoft can debride wounds in minutes, rather than the days and even weeks with a dressing.

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What is Debrisoft® for and why has it been recommended for you?

  • The healthcare professional looking after you has recommended Debrisoft® because you may have dry, scaly/flaky skin which needs to be removed.A Debrisoft pad
  • This may be due to hyperkeratosis, which is a skin thickening associated with chronic oedema (swelling of the limbs) or due to eczema or psoriasis.
  • Debrisoft® can also be used on wounds.
  • Debrisoft® is a rapid, highly effective, safe and easy method for removing this debris.
  • Wound debris and dead skin cells make an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and infection.
  • Debrisoft® can be used to remove this from the skin or a wound, to help the healing process.
  • Because Debrisoft® is soft and gentle it will not harm healthy cells.

How do I use Debrisoft®?

Wash off any moisturisers, creams or ointments before using Debrisoft®.

Step 1

Open the Debrisoft® packet

Step 2

Fully moisten the soft fleecy side of Debrisoft® with tap water (or saline, if advised to do so). Shake off the excess water - DO NOT squeeze out!

Step 3

With gentle pressure, using long sweeping strokes on the skin (or a circular motion on a wound), cleanse the area with the soft, fleecy side of the moistened Debrisoft®

Step 4

Use a new piece of Debrisoft® for each separate area being treated - for example if you have dry skin or a wound on both legs.

For larger areas, you may need more than one piece of Debrisoft® and your healthcare professional will advise you about this.

Dispose of the used Debrisoft® in normal waste.

View the Debrisoft Patient Leaflet.

How to use Debrisoft® Indications

In wound bed preparation, Debrisoft® is intended as a rapid, highly effective and safe debridement method in the treatment of superficial wounds and the surrounding skin.

Debrisoft® can also be used for absorbing exudate, cellular debris and keratosis during debridement.


Step 1.

Open the Debrisoft® sterile pack

Step 2.

Moisten the soft, fleecy Debrisoft® fibres with saline or tap water (or see local guidelines)

Step 3.

Gently, with light pressure, debride wound or surrounding skin with moistened Debrisoft® using the soft, fleecy side

Step 4.

Dispose of used Debrisoft® as per guidelines for clinical waste

Debrisoft is listed in the Drug Tariff under a brand new category “Physical Debridement Pad”

A Debrisoft Patient Leaflet can be downloaded here, or please call Activa Customer Care 08450 606 707 who will be able to send you some.

If you have any futher questions click here Common Questions

Warnings and Precautions

Thick, tenacious slough and hard necrosis should be softened first by autolysis with dressings prior to removal with Debrisoft®.

Only use the soft, fleecy side of Debrisoft® on the wound, once moistened.

Change to preferred treatment regime once the wound becomes red and vascular following debridement with Debrisoft®.

Before debriding a wound or surrounding tissue, a full holistic assessment should be commenced.

Time Saving Benefits

The illustration below demonstrates that Debrisoft® is not only cost-effective, but also offers huge time savings.

debrisoft illustration

NICE guidance published for Debrisoft

NICE has released guidance recommending the use of Debrisoft to both benefit patients and save costs for the NHS.

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Debrisoft - debride and assess wounds in 2-4 minutes

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