Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit

leg ulcer hosiery

By popular demand, the kit is now available in black!

Activa’s leg ulcer hosiery kit is a hosiery alternative to bandages for healing leg ulcers.

Two stockings are worn one on top of the other. A 10mmHg liner followed by a British Standard Class 3 which slides over the top.

The combined compression allows leg ulcer healing without the bulk of bandages.

Watch the video on how to measure, fit and use the Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit with an ActiGlide.

Benefits of the Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit

  • Normal footwear can be worn.
  • Guaranteed compression levels give peace of mind.
  • The kit is generally worn for a week at a time and at night.
  • Cost effective - guaranteed compression for 3 months.
  • Wound dressings may be worn under the Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit.
  • Patients who pay for their prescriptions only pay one charge per kit.

A liner pack is also available for palliative care or where reduced compression is required.

A recent RCT showed hosiery kits are as effective at healing leg ulcers as 4 layer bandages.

leg ulcer hosiery kitYour nurse or GP has prescribed the 40mmHg hosiery kit for you because you either have a leg ulcer (sore or wound on your leg) or there is a high risk of the ulcer returning.

Not everyone with a leg ulcer is suitable for the hosiery kit and some people may need to wear bandages. It will depend on the size and shape of your leg and the ulcer.

The Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit

The hosiery kit has 2 liner stockings in the box and 1 thicker top one.

There are 2 colour combinations

Black top stocking with sand coloured under liner


Sand top stocking with white coloured under liner

The liner is put on first. It gives 10mmHg of graduated compression. “Graduated” means the most squeeze is around your ankle and less as it goes up your leg.

The thicker, open toed stocking then goes over the top of the liner. The top stocking gives higher compression of 25-35mmHg.

How it works

The Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit provides the compression needed to encourage blood flow up the leg, which is necessary for any sore/wound to heal.

It is likely you will need to wear the kit for several months- but the good news is that most ulcers heal and will not come back if you continue to wear compression hosiery.

How to put on your hosiery

Need extra help getting the hosiery on?

Compression hosiery needs to fit snugly in order to push blood upwards towards the heart. Healthy circulation keeps skin in good condition and stops swelling, varicose veins worsening or sores on the leg coming back. However, if you do have problems putting the hosiery on, the ActiGlide application aid may help you.

Washing instructions

Activa compression hosiery can be hand washed up to 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry or iron as this can affect the compression.

Replacing hosiery

Compression hosiery is recommended for 100 washes, or approximately 3 months’ wear. If you have your hosiery prescribed you normally have 2 pairs every 6 months.

Hosiery can also be purchased on line if you require additional pairs.

Need something else?

If you have any further queries about your leg health and hosiery, please call our customer care line: 08450 606 707

leg ulcer hosiery kitThe leg ulcer hosiery kit provides 40mmHg for healing leg ulcers on regular shaped limbs with low exuding ulcers.

By popular demand the Kit is now available in black as well as sand.

Suitable post healing for patients with a history of leg ulcer reoccurrence.

Patients will need a full evaluation, including a doppler assessment. An ABPI reading between 0.8 and 1.2 is recommended.

The kit provides two liners and one top stocking. Only one liner is worn at a time, two are provided so that one can be worn while the other is washed. The class 3 stocking is worn over the top of the liner.

The stockings are applied in the normal way.

The Liner

  • Each Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery kit contains one top stocking and two liners. The liner goes on the leg first.
  • The liner is silky and gives 10 mmHg of compression.
  • It comes in 5 sizes, including XXL.
  • The liner is fully footed with a reinforced toe sac and heel and comfort top band.
  • Additional liners are also available, with 3 in each pack. Patients who pay for their prescriptions pay only one charge.
  • Latex Free

The Top Stocking

  • The top stocking – a British Standard Class 3, comes in the Hosiery Kit with the two liners. It is applied on top of the liner stocking.
  • It is a below knee, open toed garment and gives a mean average of 30 mmHg compression.
  • The top stocking can be black or sand.
  • The stocking maintains compression for 100 washes.

Measuring Chart

Watch Measuring and Fitting videoLeg Ulcer Hosiery Kit Measuring Guide

Chart too small? Larger version here.

Or let the Hosiery Sizer work out the size for you.

Product Codes

Click here for product codes.

Indications for Use

  • Venous disorders, control and reduction of oedema and lymphoedema
  • Treatment of venous leg ulcers
  • Prevention and management of venous leg ulcers and severe varicose veins
  • Patients not accepting compression bandages e.g. younger patients

Contra Indications

  • Heavy exudate and large wounds
  • Irregular shaped limbs
  • Limbs not fitting into size chart. e.g. very slim ankles
  • Congestive Cardiac Failure
  • Known sensitivity to fabric
  • Diabetics
  • Significant arterial disease ABPI less than 0.8
  • ABPI greater than 1.2

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Hosiery Kit Below Knee Stocking and Liner

  • Hosiery Kit Below Knee Stocking and Liner 40mmHg Buy now
  • Hosiery Kit Below Knee Stocking and Liner 40mmHg Buy now

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